Plugins to use: Toadis - Filter Unlimited

The ruler, can you take down and use as a pointer





  1.Open a new raster layer 700 x 550
  2. Make a gradient as shown below, set # d0bfa1 in the foreground color and # b2a278 in background color
  Use it on your layer!
  3.Open the image Misted_Weeping_Willows_RM, Resize the image so that it becomes larger as shown below ..... repeat 4 x!
  Go to edit / copy, activate your working layer and go back to edit and select paste as new layer.
  Go in Effect / plugins / toadies / old colorur with settings as shown below.
  Set the opacity to about. 50 - Merge / Merge Visible
  4.Open small_Misted_Weeping_Willows! Go to photo aging kit / frame 01. My filter, have I imported into the Filter Unlimited,
            it is not located in there by default!
  Click with your magic wan on the black edge, and then click Delete on the keyboard, set options as shown below!
  Selection / select none!
  5.We need to put the image on the skew,  click on perspective correction as shown below!
  Set the settings as shown below!
  Drag the mouse so you get something like below, quite similar to it probably will not be, but it does not!
  Double-click your mouse on the image or click as shown below!
  Go to edit / copy, activate your working layer and go back into edit / paste!
  settings as shown below If you think the picture is a little too long or big, so right it with the pick tool
  Add drop shadow with settings as shown below
  Shadov cokor  #5b4429
  Set the opacity to about 95 and merge / merge visible
  6.Image add / borders 30 pixels white. click with the magic wan on the white edge!
  Go to Effect / plugins / filter unlimited / Frames, wood, with settings as shown below.
  Selection / select none!
  Click on the rest of the white edge with magic wan and go back into Filters Unlimited, choose paper textures / canvas fine with the default settings!
  selection still on! go to drop shadow with settings as shown below! Repeat with -2 in V and H.
  7. Open tube calguiscygnes24410 resize 7 x 85% and set it as my image
  8.Open the tube 14 to 2-06swans_sw2, set it as my image, dublicate it so it becomes a little clearer!
  Merge / merge visible
  9. Open tube misted_svaneunger and set it as my image. Merge / Merge Visible.
  10. Write this: Nature's Beauty in the picture, with a font and with the colors.  you like!
  Add your name
  Open Animation Shop
  open animation KB Moewenflug .... there are 36 frames the animation in this, so you should have as many Framer in your psp-image!
  You must right-click one of frames and select Dublicate selected.
  When you have 36 Frames go into edit / select all, do the same on the animation.
  Then, just drag the animation onto the 36 frames of the psp! You'll start with the frame 4, pull frame 4 to frame 4
  The End !
created 27 Febuar 2012